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Artist Angelica Lopez releases latest single 'New Gold' 

Sensational Latin songstress, Angelica Lopez, releases

her protest song, 'New Gold'. Urging the world to

protect their home and undo the mess that humans

have caused upon the Earth, Lopez pairs latin infused guitar riffs with magnificent vocals to call on the inhabitants of the planet to do something to help the dying Earth. Recorded with her Colombian roots in

mind, 'New Gold' showcases the sounds of her

gorgeous homeland, using instruments such as

the gaita, Vallenato accordion and the cumbia

maracas - representing her heritage and history

as a Colombian native.



At the young age of 17, Angelica Lopez began

her musical career singing different styles of

music such as rancheras, tropical, salsa, boleros and folkloric - amongst other versatile styles.

A huge collection of projects under her belt,

Lopez takes her listeners on journeys through

mature themes, utilising a more contemporary sound, sitting in the areas between rock and funk.

Lopez always stays true to her roots,  and at

her concerts you can appreciate rhythms that are influenced with heritage, tradition and

Afro-Colombian richness, as well as sounds

more inspired by Pop, Rock and Urban genres.

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